RR 1-2014: BIR Amends The Rules On Submission of Alphalist

Revenue Regulations 1-2014

Under Revenue Regulations 1-2014 (RR 1-2014), all employers are now required to submit a digital copy of the Alphabetical List of their employees and payees. Although the Annual Information Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation and Final Withholding Taxes (Form 1604-CF) and the Annual Information Return Of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded)/Income Payments Exempt From Withholding Tax (Form 1604-E) are still going to be filed manually, their attachments or Alphalists should now be digital. This is an amendment of the earlier rule from Revenue Regulations 2-98 as further amended by Revenue Regulations 10-2008.

Here’s the 1998 rule from RR 2-98:

See.2.83.3. Requirement for income payees list. – In lieu of the manually prepared alphabetical list of employees and list of payee’s and income payments subject to creditable and final withholding taxes which are required to be attached as integral part of the Annual Return (Form No. 1604), the Withholding Agent may, at its option, submit computer-processed tapes or cassettes or diskettes, provided that the said list has been encoded in accordance with the formats prescribed by Form 1604.

The above rule was amended in 2008 by RR 10-2008:

Section 2.83.3 Requirement for list of payees – In addition to the manually prepared alphabetical list of employees and list of payees and income payments subject to creditable and final withholding taxes which are required to be attached as integral part of the Annual Information Returns (BIR Form No. 1604CF/ 1604E), Monthly Remittance Returns (BIR Form No. 1601C etc.), the withholding agent may submit soft copy in 3.5- inch floppy diskettes/CD or email: esubmission@bir.gov.ph, containing the said alphalists.

However, taxpayers, whose number of employees or income payees are ten (10) or more, are mandatorily required to submit the said lists in 3.5-inch floppy diskettes/CD or email: esubmission@bir.gov.ph using the existing CSV data file format, together with the manually prepared alphabetical list. In order to comply with this format, the withholding agents shall have the option to use any of the following:

1. Excel format provided under Revenue Regulations No. 7-2000, as amended, following the technical specifications required by the BIR;
2. Their own extract program that shall meet the technical specifications required by the BIR; or
3. Data Entry Module using Visual FoxPro that will be available upon request or by downloading from the BIR’s web site at http://www.bir.gov.ph with the corresponding job aid.

For those who would choose either option 1 or 2, such taxpayers shall use a validation module developed by the BIR, which can be downloaded from the BIR website.

In any case, the withholding agents are required to save the same to a secondary storage as back up for a period of three (3) years from submission of the diskette, as aforementioned, for future reference.

For withholding agents classified as large taxpayers and excise taxpayers falling within the jurisdiction of the Large Taxpayers Service and/or Large Taxpayers District Office, the Annual Information Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation and Final Withholding Taxes (BIR Form No. 1604-CF) and the Annual Information Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded)/ Income Payments Exempt from Withholding Tax (BIR Form No. 1604-E) shall be submitted to the Large Taxpayers Assistance Division, Large Taxpayers District Offices or Excise Taxpayers Assistance Division, as the case may be. For other withholding agents, the aforesaid annual returns shall be submitted to their respective Revenue District Offices. BIR Form No. 1604-CF shall be submitted on or before January 31 of the succeeding year while BIR Form No. 1604-E shall be filed on or before March 1 of the following year. Only diskettes/CD/email: esubmission@bir.gov.ph readable and virus free files upon submission shall be considered as duly filed “Alphabetical List of Employees/ Payees” by the employer. Violation hereof, shall be a ground for the mandatory audit of violator’s income tax liabilities (including withholding tax). Diskettes/CDs must be uploaded by the abovementioned offices within fifteen (15) days from receipt.

The manually prepared (hard copy for below 10 employees/payees) alphabetical list of employee shall be filed in triplicate copies (two copies for the BIR) to be stamped “received” by the BIR-Large Taxpayers Assistance Division, Large Taxpayers District Office or the Excise Taxpayers Assistance Division, or the Revenue District Office where the payor/employer is registered as Withholding Agent. Manually filed alphalists must be encoded and uploaded by the abovementioned offices within thirty (30) days from receipt.

And now RR 1-2014 sets out the new rule:

Section 2.83.3 Requirement for list of payees – All withholding agents shall, regardless of the number of employees and payees, whether the employees/payees are exempt or not, submit an alphabetical list of employees and list of payees on income payments subject to creditable and final withholding taxes which are required to be attached as integral part of the Annual Information Returns (BIR Form No. 1604CF/1604E) and Monthly Remittance Returns (BIR Form No. 1601C, etc.), under the following modes:

(1) As attachment in the Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS);

(2) Through Electronic Submission using the BIR’s website address at esubmission@bir.gov.ph; and

(3) Through Electronic Mail (email) at dedicated BIR addresses using the prescribed CSV data file format, the details of which shall be issued in a separate revenue issuance.

In cases where any withholding agent does not have its own internet facility or unavailability of commercial establishments with internet connection within the location of the withholding agent, the alphalist prescribed herein may be electronically mailed (e-mail) thru the e-lounge facility of the nearest revenue district office or revenue region of the BIR.

The submission of the herein prescribed alphalist where the income payments and taxes withheld are lumped into one single amount (e.g. “Various employees”, “Various payees”, “PCD nominees”, “Others”, etc.) shall not be allowed. The submission thereof, including any alphalist that that does not conform with the prescribed format thereby resulting to the unsuccessful uploading into the BIR system shall be deemed not as received and shall not qualify as a deductible expense for income tax purposes.

Accordingly, the manual submission of the alphabetical lists containing less than ten (10) employees/payees by withholding agents under Annual Information Returns BIR Form No. 1604CF and BIR No. 1604E shall be immediately discontinued beginning January 31, 2014 and March 1, 2014, respectively, and every year thereafter.

In Summary

On specific provisions of the submission of alphabetical list of employees/payees of income payments, here are the changes that took place:

Rule from RR 2-98

All withholding agents are required to submit a manual Alphabetical List.

Amended by RR 10-2008

General Rule – All withholding agents are required to submit manual and digital Alphabetical List.
Exception – If the withholding agent has below 10 number of employees, only manual Alphabetical List is required.

Amended further by RR 1-2014

All withholding agents are required to submit only a digital Alphabetical List.

Download Free Resources

BIR REVENUE REGULATIONS NO. 10-2008 With Annex A To F.pdf
BIR FORM 1604-CF With Alphabetical List.xlsx
BIR FORM 1604-E With Alphabetical List.xlsx

There’s a RMC issued to clarify things up: RMC 5-2014: BIR Clarifies The Provisions Of RR No. 1-2014 Pertaining To Submission Of Alphalist



  1. says

    Can we apply the new filing system on 2015 instead of this January 2014. This is to enable the employers and filers to be more familiar with the new system. There is lack of information campaign about this latest regulation BIR RR No. 1-2014.
    Thank you.

      • joy says

        May i inquire lng po kng anu pwede ko gawing action kc until now po kc wala pa nabibigay saken ang employer ko ng for 2316. Hindi ko po sure kng naifile b nila or hindi.. Kc ang sabi po saken ung nakadeclare daw po dun saken is single p ako. eh nagleave at nanganak po ako nung november 2013. What should i do po para malaman ko kng anu dapat me gawing action.

        tnx po!

  2. resty Agudo says

    hi! Good Evening.
    I was asked to read about this new Rule of BIR, and got confused. Which year are going to sent 2013 or 2014??
    And can You Help me where exactly are we going to send the Alphalist.

    Thank You.

    • says

      Hi resty. The data that you will submit pertains to 2013 (previous year). About the CSV data file format and the email address you need, you can contact your specific RDO, or you can use the software provided by BIR above to generate the file.

  3. Jane says

    Hi rey,

    I send the dat file online, and the reply was this:
    The BIR has received your data file(s). Please wait for another
    notification as your file(s) is/are still subject for validation.
    Thank you!
    How many hours will the BIR send another notification for the file received?
    I’ve been waiting for almost 4 hours.
    Thank you.

    • tin says

      hi ms jane,, just want to ask saang email add mo sinend? ung esubmission@bir.gov.ph b? ok lng ba kahit using personal email address? anong subject line details n dapat ilagay aside sa attachment? nangangapa dn ako ngfile n dn me last last week pa then pagbalik ko bir buti nlng my nkausap meng taxpayer dn my nag-advise dn sa knya kya buti nlng inask ko sa officers ng bir my bago n palng rule. sabi 2 days daw ung validation.. need u iprint ung notification sau then pprereceive mo dn muna un sa bir tas bbalik k ulit pag my validation n email na.

      • Jane says

        Hi Tin,

        It wont matter what email add u use, as long as you receive an autoreply from BIR.
        Print the autoreply and attached it to the usual forms for 1604cf and 1604e along with the attachments, then still, u need to go to BIR for stamp as received. I was also advice that aside from esubmission@bir.gov.ph, I need to send it to our RDO email address.For rdo 44 email it to rdo044wtalphalist@bir.gov.ph.And another thing, for 2316, all employees must sign their 2316, then you need 4 copies of it. The two copies is for the company and the other two is for BIR, deadline is Feb 28…
        Kanina ko lng nalaman ito, when I went to BIR.Hope this helps. Thanks.

  4. jazz cruz says

    Hi Sir Rey,

    If the submission is thru electronic mail, is it like a regular email that you will just attach the file? and if your file is in DAT file format is it the same as csv file? or do i have to format it to csv file?

    Pasensya na po ha, kainis lang po talaga kasi nag file po ako ng Alphalist on Jan 7, 2014 using the old format na nasa CD and they received it w/o telling me na nabago na pala ang procedure, meaning to say, kahit yung nagrereceive hindi sila aware na merong changes, how frustrating po talaga.

    Thank you very much,


  5. lovely says

    ask ko lang po panu gawin yung Esubmission kc ginagawa ko po ngayon ayaw nman po magkonek sa esubmission… any manual or guildlines panu mag esubmission? thanks in advance…..

  6. Marian says

    Hi Sir,

    Can you please help me in making the alphalist for 1604e?
    In the visualfox pro. I can’t enter any atc codes.

  7. trenz says

    Hi Sir Rey! Gusto ko lang pong malaman base po sa new regulation na ito we are required to email an attachment MONTHLY for 1601E and 1601C. I am aware na may (MAP) Monthly Alphalist of Payees, attachment for form 1601E, but wala po akong alam na any format for attachment sa BIR Form 1601C. Alam nyo po ba kung ano ang dapat naming gamiting attachment para dito?

    Thank you very much!

  8. Norman Mendoza says

    Hi. I want to ask what format will I write in my email to send the validated 1604cf. I forgot to copy the format. It’s like about the Name of the withholding agent, tin no., adrress, filing reference no. and the optional emails about three(email adress). Need help as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

    P.S. plus the self made transmittal letter.

  9. Jaime says

    Hi Sir Rey,

    pwede po bang magamit ang isang email account ng ilang beses to submit alphalist if it is a group of companies?

  10. Karen says

    Hi sir alam nyo po ba email adress ng mga rdo 32-29-33-40-39-43A-43B? saan ko po ba sila pwede makita ung list ng mga email po nila

  11. Karen says

    BIR E-Submission
    To Me
    Jan 31 at 11:12 PM
    The BIR has received your data file(s). Please wait for another
    notification as your file(s) is/are still subject for validation.
    Thank you!


  12. aj says

    gud pm sir,ask ko lang po if matagal ba talaga lumabas sa excel report un entry sa estimated 3000 employees for 1604cf…nagpa’ process naman po xa kaya lang un excel report ang ayaw lumabas…tnx…

  13. says

    sir ask ko lang po how can i enroll on 1604cf. i already enrolled on the efps, do i have to
    update or enroll the new form to the bir to inter on the annual alphalist 1604cf?

  14. Donna Marie Ababon says

    Hi Sir, I have already submitted the alphalist online with their notification that they have received the file. We went to BIR so they could receive the files (including the printout of notification) but they said they’ll be needing the validation & gave us 15days to go back to them. I’ve made the online submission last Jan. 28 but i still don’t have the validation until now.

  15. mabel ramos says

    Hi Sir, I have already submitted the alphalist online with their notification that they have received the file. e2 po ang lumabas, The BIR has received your data file(s). Please wait for another
    notification as your file(s) is/are still subject for validation.
    Thank you!

    ano na ang next na gagawin?

  16. marilyn torres says

    sir ask ko lng if until now i haven’t file yet the 1604CF returns manually due to waiting of validation notification from BIR, i only had their first auto reply na i have to wait for another notification… late na at may penalty na ba kung hinde nai-file kahapon ( feb 3)?…some rdo said kailangan ung validation notice ang dapat i-attach so i have to wait the validation notice b4 filing the returns, some rdo said pwede na daw ung unang notification ( the waiting ) at pag wala kang screen copy nun hinde mo pwedeng i-file at late na… ano po ba talaga ang procedure nila?

    • says

      Hi marilyn. Yes penalty na if not filed yesterday. The requirement on the email is somewhat RDO specific. There are RDO’s where the email notification receipt is enough for now but they require you to come back for the emailed validation.

  17. gina says

    gud pm, today ko lang po naread lahat ng mga comments dito.. and last jan.30 ko pa po na email sa esubmission ang attachment. inaantay ko lang po ung sinasabing isa pang email. so ung first email un nalng po ang iaatached ko sa 1604cf. pwede pa po ba ipareceive ngaun sa BIR? or hindi na. Thanks

  18. Jojo says

    Hi Sir! Ask kong kung gano katagal ang reply ng 1604E re validation na email ko last Jan 28 up to now wala pa! Can I resend it or wait ko na lang yung validation?

  19. edna says

    Hi Sir,Gaano ba katagal yong sinasabing confirmation,last January 31 pa ako nagsend wala naman akong natanggap at inulit ko po nung Feb 3 pero hanggang ngayon wala akong natanggap.Paano po kung walang confirmation di po nila tatanggapin yong copy ng 1604-E/1604-CF.

    • says

      Hi edna. Yung confirmation email na na receive na ng BIR yung email mo, seconds lang yun may reply na agad. Ang matagal is yung validation email. Hindi nila tatanggapin if wala yung first email na confirmation.

  20. Ren says

    Hi Sir, just wanna ask if there’s a format for the self-made transmittal letter to be submitted together with the 2316 form. Is it ok with you to send/show a sample of it. Thanks for the help.

  21. Paz Picar says

    hi sir,
    Ask ko lang sir, bakit ang tagal ng validation ng attachment sa 1604CF( nasend ko sya
    Feb 3 pa. Pati rin ung nasend kong attachment nasend ko sya feb 7 pa, until now wala pa rin ung 2nd email, ung validation nya. naconfirm naman ng bir na nareceive nila ung mga attachment..

    Thank you..

  22. Ben says

    Good Afternoon po Sir Rey,

    Pumunta ang wife ko sa sa BIR to submit yung Annual
    Information Return Of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded)/Income Payments Exempt From Withholding Tax (Form 1604-E) for 2013, ito po yung consolidated witholding tax ng shop na nirerentahan, kaso pinapasend ito through email address “esubmission@bir.gov.ph”. Tama po ba na isesend din online through email address “esubmission@bir.gov.ph” yung 1604-E?Ano pong proof na matatanggap namin na successful yung submission namin. Thanks.

  23. rina says

    good afternoon sir! im using the Alphalist data entry ver 3.4 for 1604-E. there have been 2 applications shown, alphalist data entry ver 3.4 and alphalist validation ver 3.4. Do i have to use the validation apps after finished data entry?

  24. Nhel says

    Hi Sir Rey,

    I’m an OFW. May compliance din ba ang mga OFWs sa mga ito or sa usaping ito? Please enlighten me.

    Thank you.


  25. Roma says

    Hi sir..
    Can you give me a sample of required transmittal letter to be attached to 2316 that needs to file tomorrow..
    Kasi nagpunta ako sa BIR this morning to submit 2316, pero sabi sa rdo need daw transmittal na naka-attached sa 2316..

    Hope u can help me to have it para makapag-file ako first thing in the morning tomorrow.

    Thank you very much.
    God Bless

  26. Norie says

    hi sir rey!
    pano po ung process ng esubmission? first time po kasi nmin… ano po ung format ng alphalist na isesend sa email add ng BIR? ok na po ba ung naka excel ung alphalist? or kailangan po ung buong form ng 1604e na idadownload?

  27. sonny says

    sir paano po ito nalabas
    This is to confirm receipt of the file(s) as stated below:
    Total attachment/file(s) received : 2
    No. of valid file(s) : 0
    No. of invalid file(s) : 2
    pinadala ko po yun 1604-e sa kanila kumpleto nman po ang mga nkasulat dun inabot ng deadline
    dpat extnend nila dhil ang hirap ngayon ng procedure nila

  28. rey says


    ask ko lng f yon email confirmation 1604e was recieved pero d po nprint at nadelete yon email confirmation. pnu po gagawin? ska po pla yon email n nasent sa esubmission was also deleted. pls help po

  29. Charmaine says

    Hi Sir,

    Tanong ko lang na email ko na kasi yong 1601-e feb.7 lang sa esubmission@bir.gov.ph tapos wla paring reply for validation. Pano po ba yon?e sa feb. 10 na yong deadline .. May nabasa din po ako dito sa blog niyo (Exception – If the withholding agent has below 10 number of employees, only manual Alphabetical List is required. ) sa 1601-C po ba to?

    Pano hinde po mag reply yong BIR sa validation for 1601-e? Ano po ba gagawin?

    Please reply po.. Thanks !

  30. jhowee says


    ask ko lng po wat if sa 1604CF eh puro zero nmn no payment po JAN-DEC.. hndi mo nmn xa mavvalidate db.. pag- zipped file nmn ayaw din tanggapin, pati (.csv) ayaw .. INVALID ATTACHMENT pdin.. ahhaayy…

    plz reply thank you so much


  31. Kiko says

    Hi Rey,

    If late ang filing, how much ung penalty? Galing ako BIR sabi 10K daw kasi now palang nag file. Pero dun sa form 1k lang naman ang penalty for late filling…. How much talaga ang penalty? RDO048


  32. Pyang says

    Hello sir goodmorning, i want to e-submit our tax relief today.. i just wanna ask what does this “filing reference number” mean? where should get this? does this email1 – email3 a must to fill-out?


  33. Den Lim says

    Hello. Is the electronic filing for the monthly 1601E already being implemented? When I asked the collection agent in our RDO last Jan (during the seminar for the electronic filing of the 1604E and 1604CF) he said that there were no implementing rules yet. Thank you.

  34. mae says


    please help me ako po ay nag file nang manual po without help to any bookkeeper. wla pa akong alam sa mga BIR transactions.so hindi po ako na explain nang staff nang bir mabuti so nag bayad lang ako agad sa mga kelangan bayaran dun sa bank.sabi po nang bank staff may kelangan i attached dun sa form 1601-E acknowledgement form.saan po yung ma download?san banda nang website nang BIR? thank you soo much..

    • Glads says

      Hi ms.mae nasa http://www.bir.gov.ph po hanapin nio po ung downloadables then save nio sa pc nio then every time na magfifile ka po ng 1601 need mo pavalidate un thru dun sa dinownload mo then print mo po attach sa form 1601e

  35. lea sison says

    hi sir, good eve,para saan po ba yung alphalist data entry v3.4 ng BIR? need po ng background tungkol dito. thanks.

  36. Anna Grace Sedomo says

    Hi Sir,
    Ask ko lang po kung may penalty if late nakapag submit ng MAP attachment sa esubmission? May hindi po kasi kami nai-attach na MAP attachment- alphalist of suppliers sa 1601E. Magkaka penalty po ba if i-file namin ng late?


  37. says

    sir..bakit po sa reply na validation sken sa yahoo eh my invalid ung ibang report na n’send ko sa BIR..my valid at invalid po..pero sa system naman na gnawa before po isend eh..no error encountered naman po sya..

  38. denden says

    Sorry sobrang late na question.
    may problem po ako sa filing ng 1601C ng company namin. may tax credit kase kami last year and this year cliniclaim namin ung credit. but until now di pa rin ubos ung tax credit kase konti na lang empleyado ng company. since kailangan kase gamitin ung eBIR form kailangan tama na ung filing ng return. dati kase minamanual lang namin ung tax credit sa line item 19 hindi na namin fill up ung schedule sa baba. mag start na sana ako mag fill up the schedule pero anong payment amount ilalagay ko? ung balance na lang ba ng tax credit o simula ng january? nakakapag file naman kami ng 1601C monthly. please help po. malapit na kase deadline ng sept transaction.

  39. Rods says

    Attn: Sir Reynaldo Mata Jr., Tanung ko lang po, paanu po ba mag create ng account for employer sa ereg system ng BIR? ang nangyari kc nag create ako account sabi ng system ” invalid employer” anu po ba nangyari? tama naman yung TIN number na ginamit ko. Tama po ba na kapag ang isang company meron na po account sa ereg system dito na magfile ng mga TIN number ng mga employees?

    Anticipating for your ASAP reply.

    Thanks po.

  40. iva mae says

    hi sir confirm ko lang po ah, monthly na po mag eesubmission? attachment s 1601E and 1601C?

    ask ko lang po sino2x ang required na mag enroll ng EFPS? large taxpayers lng po ba?
    maraming salamat po

  41. cas says

    Sir good evening.
    Sana po ay makasagot pa po kau ng ilang question..
    May months po kasing hindi nsubmit ang co. nmin para s attachment ng 1601e, anu pung magiging penalty nun? At pwede p rin po bang isubmit kahit sobrang late n.?

  42. Jude says

    Hi Sir Rey or Anyone who knows my concern:

    Bago lng ako sa company na may 300 employees. Na picture out ko ang 1604cf. Gusto ko iupload nlng yung mga schedule 7.3, 7.4 at 7.5 sa 1604cf. Paano ba gawin ito? May excel format ba?

    Hoping for a prompt reply.

    Thank you.

  43. Lea says

    Hi Sir, regarding the 3.4 BIR Alphalist program, do we need to feed ewt in the data entry twice? First for MAP(monthly) and second for 1604 E(annual) module?

    • Den Lim says

      As far as I know, you still need to submit a covering letter of the 1604CF if you dont have any employees. Not sure about the actual attachment data file.

  44. pheia says

    gud eve sir, kelan po ba talaga ang deadline ng pagpasa ng bir form 2316 sa bir office? tama po ba na january 31? di ba last year is february 28.. please masagot nu po ito..

  45. ana says

    hello po, i hope you can help us pano ba gawin itong esubmission i got the steps from rdo pero di ko pa rin magawa . sana may nag aasist din sa hindi pa marunong.

  46. Reena says

    Good morning sir.

    Ilang days po ang allowed para magpareceive ng 1604cf and 1604e with attachments after mareceive yung autoreply.

    Sana mareplyan nyo ako. Salamat po.

  47. liezel says

    hello, pls help me how to do this 1601E and 1601C d ko talaga maintindihan, may instruction sila binigay sakin, pero di naman lumalabas ang box na may user name and password, pls help me

  48. Baby says

    Hello Sir,

    Nag file na po ako ng 1604CF though rdo email add pero di ko sinabay yung 1604E. Bakit nung nag send naman ako ng 1604E on the same rdo, sabi nya “we have assumed that the files being attached already passed the alphalist validation module ver.3.4 . May binigay pong number para ma contact hirap naman tawagan. Dapat po ba pinagsabay na email submission ng 1604CF at 1604E? Nakalagay March 1 pa deadline ng 1604E. Paano po iyin?

    Salamat po and GOD BLESS.

  49. says

    Good day! sir sa BIR hinahanap sa amin 1604 ng 2013 at Rmc 5 2014 alphalist ng 2014
    wala kaming ganun.panu po ba gagawin sir?pls patulong sir.tnx poh

  50. Kathleen says


    This post and comments are really helpful, I am just wondering if how can I get a log in name in the Alphalist Data Entry? Hope to hear from you soon!

    • says

      The moment you installed it, it will ask you to set up a username and password. Once logged in, you can set up another user under Utilities. If you don’t know the initial username and password, just uninstall and install again.

      • Charelle says

        Hi. When I logged in with a new username and password, it says “incorrect username/password”. How will I log in then? Note: I never created one ever since. Thanks.

  51. apol says

    sir ask ko lang po pag vinavalidate po ung file ..lumalabas po n error is “no record found in file” ano po kaya gagawin ko?tnx po

  52. nuts says

    sir ask ko lang po kung paano iprint yung attachment ng 1604e, galing ako bir kanina, hinahanapan ako ng excel report. paano po ba yun i fill up

  53. JC says

    Tried to submit my “manual” 1604-e this morning. Ayaw tanggapin ng BIR. Sa E-Lounge ko na daw gawin. Daming tao. 2 computer lang. Opted to do it at home instead. Found out that I have to register on their website first.

    After registering at the ebir website, I received an e-mail entitled “eBIRForms – Account Activation Instructions”. Do I have to submit this along with 2 ids and a Letter of Intent as indicated? Is the Letter of Intent really required? After I submit this printed e-mail tomorrow (impending March 1 1604-e deadline), can I already submit the electronic 1604-e. Are they going to give me my username and password?

    Also, I’m worried that the stock 1604-e ATCs might be lacking. Is the patch really needed? Tried running it by placing the exe patch file on the BIRALPHA34 folder and all I’m getting is a RATE error.

  54. rovy joy says

    hi..may i please know how and where to get the new format of fillable 1601e and 2307 please?? i tried but the new format seems like its not fillable and the old format is..but i need the new ones..please help me

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