CPA Board Exam Results And Numbers For The Past Decade

CPA Board Exam Results, Trends, Numbers and Trivia For The Past 10 Years

The latest CPA board exam result is quite intriguing in terms of the passing percentage that made some accountants ponder. At 27% overall passing rate, that’s way too low in comparison to previous exam results. In recent occasions, the passing rate has gone from 30% to 40% on average and not below this range. I also think that the last May 2013 exam is special which I will let you know later. And so I made a summary of the previous exam results and try to look for a pattern of some sort or maybe a trend from which we could attribute this sudden change in passing rate. I think 10 years or 20 exams would be appropriate as our data. Personally, I would also want to know how things have changed ever since I took the exam years ago. [Read more…]

Tips On How To Pass The CPA Board Exam


The Certified Public Accountant Board Examination is one of the most difficult licensure examinations. In order to pass, a candidate should be properly equipped with adequate technical know-how. He/she should have a very strong preparation coupled with an overwhelming desire to pass the exam. Here are some tips that you may take with you. [Read more…]